Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 Opening Briefing

Hey hey hey!

I here to announce I am one of the contestant in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 competition. #itsgonnagetsensational ! I'm really excited to be in the competition, I meet new people and had the chance to mingle around with them and had plenty of fun.

22nd March 2014 - Opening Briefing

In the opening briefing, we had Qiuqiu giving us tips on social media on the dos and don'ts. Here are the few that I remembered vividly from the briefing:

  • Do not use black background for your blog as some of the texts may be blurred and it is hard to read. Chances are some may just hit the the X button on the top right of the screen and go.
  • Do remember to set your image size to the largest if you are using the blogger platform. As for other platforms, do set it huge enough so readers can tell what the picture is by not bringing themselves nearer to the screen.
  • Content font must not be cursive and most importantly of readable font and size.
  • If image is blurred due to lighting, you may add filters to minimise the blurred effect. 

Woo! The tips given by Qiuqiu are really helpful! The pointers here act like a reminder for myself too. hehe.

I had lots of fun at Charlie Brown Cafe that day too! Thank you Charlie Brown! The cafe is really cozy and I can spend for whole afternoon hanging there chatting with friends.

Photo with Qiuqiu! *fangirl mode ON* :DDDDDD

Do stay tune for more blog posts on Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3!

Photo credits to Cathay Lifestyle



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