Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 : The NomNom Challenge!

Hello everyone!

I am going to blog about The NomNom Challenge today! This is the second challenge of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 competition and I am really excited.

First of all, special thanks to Charlie Brown Cafe for hosting our challenge 2 and I am sure all of us had a wonderful time there.

Group Mates

We were separated into groups of 3 before the challenge and we knew we have to come out with something to make sure everything goes well on the challenge day. Smexy came up with a script to make sure we were prep for the challenge. So, bring it on now! :D


Let me introduce the roles:
Chef: Joey
Videographer: Weiting
Chef Assistant/Photographer: Smexy

I love to bake during my own free time and I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be the chef in this challenge. However, when I arrived at Charlie Brown Cafe, I got into a panic attack. I never tried making pancakes before and hopefully it will turn out good.

First we had Chef Nicole to show us a demonstration on how it is to be done. Chef Nicole is awesome! She had her pancakes round and could do it in a swift.

It's my turn next!

I guess Smexy caught me grinning at my round pancakes. After settling the pancake mix onto the heating stove, I had to wait patiently for the pancake to take shape and bubbles appearing at the top. This shows that it is time to flip over. 

Next, I had to press the pancake firmly but at the same time shaping the thickness of it. Most importantly, the pancake had to be even! Last but not least, to decorate with Snoopy's stencil. I'm almost done now.

The last step is to clean the plate to prevent any spills to spoil the entire dish!

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the results. This is our first and last try and I think I did good. Hehe. I just had to present you the pancakes by itself without any props to avoid blurring the main objective out.

Best Shot

This is my best shot of the delicious pancakes.
After picking and re-picking again, i've decided to ask my friends for some comments. Focusing mainly on the pancakes itself draws audience's attention straight to it without having to take notice of the props just yet. I still can't perfect the skill of having the background fully blurred and had all eyes on the pancakes. I will continue to learn more of photography and hope to get the best shot in the near future!


I hope my tips would help you along the way but it is what I learn out of this challenge. Good things must share! It also acts as a reminder to myself too. :D

Food Preparation
1. Practice makes perfect. Your skills will get better and better after practicing. "No pain, no gain!" When I first started to bake, my cookies couldn't take shape, my baking sheet falls and I had a campfire inside my oven. It was really bad. Now, I really enjoy baking and looking at the final product makes me happy.

2. Don't be afraid to fail! Try and try harder every time.  Someday, you will find out which recipe is best suited for you.

1. Clean the plate! You don't want a stunning dish to be placed on a dirty place.

2. Food styling ain't no buffet style. Take only a small portion of what you want to feature and that's it! No more, no less.

 1. Try all angles. For an amateur like me, I guess we can try from different perspectives and angle until we perfect them. It add variation to the photos as well, i think!  Hah!

2. Capture all you want QUICK. especially for food. For me, I captures a lot a lot of shots, not sure how it will turn up but just capture then dig in! I can't possibly let my food turn cold.

 with MissTamChiak (Maureen), our judge for this challenge! :D
 With the boss and management!
 Thank you for having patience with us too, Charlie Brown's angels. hehe.
 Thank you Chef Nicole for teaching us :D
 #selfie with Charlie ^^



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