Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3: LOCAL HEROES

So fast, so fast, Im here for Challenge 3 : Local Heroes.

A summary of what this challenge is about:

"Local Heroes is an entrepreneurship challenge that seeks to test the entrepreneurship and marketing edge of the CNOS contestants, we get to set the prices of the items, market them and eventually be the heroes in donating all proceeds garnered to Cathay's adopted charity: SPCA"

Those little animals needs our help and let the local heroes do their job now!
Credits: LoveByte Editing: Myself
After planning, planning and planning, my team decided that we should focus on accessories only to make sure our customers won't had a hard time figuring out what are we selling.

Our lovely accessories are all from Femmex! They offer beautiful and intricate pieces at pocket friendly prices. What's not to love about them.

Bucketful of sunshine for our store! 

After hours of choosing what we are selling, it would be too troublesome for us to handle cash as our hands are occupied with shopping bags. 

No fuss, we have YONO Flashpay with us today! *jumps*

With YONO Flashpay card, you only need one for just about everything. Tap it for your train and bus rides, and for everything else from shopping, dining out, entertainment to leisure activities. What's more, YONO Flashpay gives you perks and privileges.

 Before we move on to decorate our stall, #letstakeaselfie with our YONO Flashpay!

Stall Front

 Our pretty banner done up by Shu Feng! :D

Statement accessories that you can never go without!
Our best sale got to be the first necklance on the corkboard! Flying eagle!
We even took two pieces from FEMMEX and yes we are right it gonna be our best sale of the day.

Our cuties donator :

Thank you so much!!! :D Kindness should start from young.

With our challenge judge, Sheila Mandy! She has the nicest #ootd in her instagram and owner of Hollyhoque!

Thank you to my friends who came down to support! I'm really happy to see you all. :D
Some without photos. :/

 Congratulations to the winning team! :D What a great achievement!

You Only Need One (YONO) wherever and whenever you go! It never get so convenient before. Check it out at :

I had a really fun time with my group and enjoyed the atmosphere of the flea with my fellow contestants. I see how hard we tried to get customers to be attracted to our booths to get more funds for SPCA. Many of us too came out with freebies to reward the customers. We are heroes too! Well done all contestants and not forgetting our delicate team behind the scene. :)




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