Why I Love Being A Blogger

 “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” - Winnie the Pooh

There is no restriction being a blogger nowadays, like how I am blogging this entry on the go with my phone! It is easy like that. Creativity juices comes and go.

What's most important about a blog entry will be the content. Be it telling the audience about the day, sponsored food, fashion, there ought to be a selling point to attract the audience. 

I started off blogging when Im in primary school. Blogging encourage me to learn css and html codes through layout designing which is very useful to me now. Looking at how fast social media advance now, being equipped with these skills made me feel comfortable in the blogging field. Hey! At least I know what's going on in the back end of my blog.

Why I love being a blogger? 


Credit: Schoolhp.com

I love to document my daily life into my blog! I am actually quite happy that many of my audience love reading my blog. *squeals* I hope my blog brings you more information on what you are finding for. I love to make people happy! 


OMG. Being a total singaporean here but I'm sure it is not just us. Who's doesnt love sponsored stuffs (sponsored- repharase). Many of you think that it is really nice to be a blogger, we get to try so many new things SPONSORED. However, the truth is, we work hard for it. We spent endless night drafting a post, research on the best camera to capture the best photo to the extent of booking a studio for advertorials! Not just that, our creative juices. We tried to tweak every entry differently so that you won't feel bored. Having said so, we bloggers enjoy it! It is our perks of being a blogger. Hehe


I can make plenty of blogger friends! The one whom I can have a common topic with. It is quite rare for my close friends to know about the blogger sphere! We can even attend events together. Awesome! :D


Being a blogger, influence leader, we dare to try things that are out in the market! That's one of the theory I learn in my marketing class. We bring you through the exciting innovation in this century and of course good things only! I love trying new stuffs! 

That's it for me now! 
Hope you enjoy reading!:) 
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