Asian Skin Solution, never be back again.

I dont know where to start but Im really disappointed with the service at Asian Skin Solution.

Let's track back to the first appointment. Im impressed with the entire service which leads my mum and I to sign the package. We signed a total of 5 times first as we wouldnt want to be tied up with the number of appointments we have with a particular salon. 

The service was ok for the first two sessions. Then again, perhaps they have to restructure the whole system or improve in the entire service line. The rest of the sessions wasn't up to expectation. Neither was it good not average.

1. (3 May 2014) My appointment at 2pm. I reached slightly earlier at 1.55pm. However, I was told that the air conditioned had broke down for two rooms. I waited for 60 MINUTES before I was brought to a room. Never make a customer wait especially in a service line and when an appointment is fixed. Now you tell me what's the point of an appointment. My time is precious. 

2. Consultant
One of the 'benefits/advantage' of being signed to Asian Skin Solution is that you have an unique consultant taking care of your face. I DO NOT HAVE ONE. Joke. I had one personal consultant for the last session which is also the 3 May 2014. What's the point. Only allocating a consultant to me when my package is used up?

3. Appointment Booking
There's this one time, my mum called and made an appointment with them the following them. However, the booking wasn't made. Luckily my mum only had to wait for about 30 minutes till she had a room. I mean what happen if the day is fully booked? You mean my mum had to travel back home without any treatment done ?

Words can't explain how frustrated I am to wake for 60 minutes. Never, never again.


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