Essential Sleeping Hair Mask Review


Have you ever wondered why your hair looks coarse and frizzy after you woke up?
Let me tell you why:

These 6 little cute dolls are the culprits behind this mess (Pillow Damage).

What is pillow damage?

When sleeping, tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, creating friction. We call such friction caused by the pillow as Pillow Friction.
Pillow Friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles. We call such hair damage caused by pillow friction as Pillow Damage .
As a result of Pillow Damage, you wake up the next day with frizzy, unmanageable hair like a lion’s mane. This is commonly referred to as bed hair.

Let me show you how can you avoid them!

Presenting to you:

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask 100ml 
To apply on your hair before you go to bed. The milky, non-greasy texture is absorbed instantly by your hair and forms a protective layer between each hair strand and your pillow, protecting your hair cuticles from Pillow Friction while you toss and turn. Ladies can confidently look forward to stronger, healthier and silky soft hair that is easy to manage and style the next morning.

Essential Leave On Serum 60ml 
To apply on your hair the next morning before you go out. The Cuticle Protection Ingredients form a protective veil over hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays. Just spread the serum evenly onto hair and it invigorates hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous shine while protecting it from the sun.

*warning* my hair every morning without any hair products! Very very frizzy. :(

My hair so frizzy and coarse although it adds on more volume but in the bad way. I dont want! >):

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask

comes to the rescue! 


All I have to do is to apply Essential Sleeping Hair Mask to my hair and leaves it to repair overnight!
-omg, why is my face so round here!  ):

Let me present you my beautiful hair next morning!

I am very pleased with the result! My hair so smooth and looks well-taken care of! Eventually, I archived this by just applying Essential Sleeping Hair Mask before I go to bed. How easy is this! I should not be lazy any more and got to be determined to apply every night. The amount of hair being 'snapped' due to pillow friction is so much lesser now. I had been experiencing hair fall recently and so glad Essential came to my rescue. *Thumbs up*

The very last step before I step out of house will be to apply Essential Leave On Serum !

 Are you convinced by me now ? :D

All leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies are selling Essential Sleeping Hair Mask at $11.90.
Get your free sample of Essential Sleeping Hair Mask today! Go to

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