The Cornerstone


Thank you for the invitation by 88.3 家 fm and Power 98.0 fm for the awesome gathering over at
The Cornerstone.

I had my mum with me the other day and both of us had so much fun! We won great prizes too, lucky us.
The following photos will definitely make you salivate. They are great! I couldn't express how fantastic they are, they had me raving about their dishes to my friends and family.

Find out which is my favourite dish of all below!

Cured salmon cornets with mascarpone cheese and sour cream

I was a little taken back when the dish was placed on the table. It never incurred to me that the dish was actually cured salmon cornets. I thought it was a type of vegetable in the beginning. The dish turns out really good and I love it!

Greenhouse momotaro tomatoes with sesame dressing

Ah, this looks really cute. It is definitely refreshing.

Japanese cold tofu

We don't need the name to tell us what it is this this time. The roes and seaweed toppings could easily symbolize the Japanese cuisine. 

72 hours boneless Angus shortribs

Juicy and chewy. For meat-lovers, this is a must order for you!

Charcoal grille Hokkaido squid

Here it comes, my favourite amongst all! The squid was prefectly grilled and it's very chewy. Topped up with a squish of fresh lemon made the whole dish sizzling hot!

Pork belly confit with mango salsa

Ladies, not to worry about the pork belly confit. The fats are removed and we can consume with no worries! Fit the bill perfectly, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. 

Pesto angel hair pasta

Flavorsome and could easily get you addicted.

Lobster Risotto

Personally, I love risotto a lot. I love how sticky it turns out and with the lobster, amazing~ 

Delectable dessert spread

by Chef KT & Sam

Overall, the food was great! None of the dishes disappoints and I will be back again for more. The ambiance of the restaurant was cozy and a great place for hanging out with friends after meal. Couples may take a stroll at the park before heading home too.



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