Bio-essence Tanaka White Review


It had been really hot and sunny lately. I can't bring myself out of the door without applying my sunblock. Are you feeling the same? Have you been searching for whitening products in stores?

Here I am introducing you

Bio-essence Tanaka White
In May 2014, Bio-essence introduces its new and improved Tanaka White range, specially formulated to better address dark spots and uneven skin tone with a reinvented 4X intensive white serum containing alpha- Arbutin that is 9X more effective than Beta-Arbutin in skin whitening !

I've took the Tanaka White challenge and seen visible results myself under the scope. Unfortunately, I am unable to share with you the photos here. Just for a mere 7 days, I can see slight difference in the colour of the spots. We all know that once the spots surfaced, it's very hard to get rid of them and yet Tanaka White range can lighten them. I've been using the product till now.

I will be sharing with you two products from the Tanaka White range today.
They are:
1. Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum
2. Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20

Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum - $45.80/30ml

It felt light weight and non-sticky. As the serum is in a very liquid form, apply it slowly to prevent it dripping all over.

  • Effective lighten existing pigments and spots
  • Block tyrosinase and inhibits the production of melanin to prevent dark spots and reduce darkening after UV exposure 
  • Even out skin tone, whiten and brighten complexion
  • Moisturizes and cool skin
Apply twice a day after cleansing. Spread a sufficient amount of the serum evenly onto the entire face. Then apply another layer over areas with dark spots and freckles.
There you have it! Radiance, smooth, fair and healthy looking complexion. Is there what all women ask for ? 

Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 - $29.80 /50g

A day cream to complement the serum. Now, with SPF 20 and you wouldn't have to worry about the sunny sun anymore. However, it is still recommended to apply another layer of sunblock to archive the maximum protection.

The cream is thick but just right for me. A little could easily covers the entire face. It is definitely worth the money! It also acts as a moisturiser too. :)

  • SPF 20 to protect against harmful UV rays
  • Tanaka Extract shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized under hot weather
  • Contains Tranexamic Acid that helps to significantly brighten and even out skin tone
  • Provides skin with trace mineral elements and precious herbal extracts such as ginseng, angelica and gingko
  • Lightens and prevents freckles, dark spots and pigmentation
Apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto face until fully absorbed.

Now you can also get free samples on Bio-essence Singapore Facebook page! Click here to find out more and don't forget to like the page as well. 
Available at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, personal beauty stores, SASA and major supermarkets. See, it's almost everywhere! No excuse anymore for not able to find it. 

Thank you for reading! 
See you.


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