Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash Review


I'm back for another product review. I'm not sure if you were like me loving every new product in stores but I do think that they are there to help us with something. Also, only after many clinical trials to prove their efficiency then they can be out in the market for us! 

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p/s. I'm very proud to edit the above ^ image from scratch. hehe

Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash

I am very excited to review the jelly fruits scrub wash! I'm feeling very guilty saying this but I haven't been doing a routinised scrub for very long. I hate how rough the normal scrubs are and leaving my face dry and tacky afterwards.


Okay, enough of the caps but I really love it! I couldn't help to spread it to my friends on whatsapp already.

  1. Gentle to skin peeling by removing old keratins
  2. Helps skin in better absorption of essential extracts
  3. Visible results of renewed, youthful & fresh-looking skin

I'm attracted to the scent of the jelly fruits scrub. The scents of mixed fruits & mixed berries smell really sweet and refreshing. When I massage the watery gel onto my face, it's so smooth that it doesn't hurt at all. Well, some scrubs can be quite painful. Like I mentioned, how can it hurt with watery gel. hehe. Crumbs are slowly forming while massaging. Goodbye dead skin !!! So happy to see them cuz' I know my skin will feel fresher and cleaner afterwards. Easy and fun application!

When I say easy, it's very EASY.
Let me show you how!

Step 1

 Pump 3~5 times on clean hand

Step 2
 Massage gently and thoroughly

The very gross crumbs. haha

Step 3
Rinse them away! 
Yay, that's the end. very easy right! :D

My face after washing of the crumbs! Very clean and felt refreshed! Not the most glamorous photos here but you got my point! hehe.

For better illustration, here's the application on the hand

You can read more reviews here!
Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash is available at Guardian, ALT Beauty, John Little and Venus at $29.95/180ml


Meishoku has built a long history of 128 years by providing good quality skincare products through extensive R&D and by giving first priority to safety as a corporate vision. Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly is a newly developed skin peeling jelly series that has been introduced to markets around the world. It has a natural fruits derived AHA and plant derived BHA formula that is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

This product is additive-free and will gently peel away melanin-containing dead skin while dissolving black heads and impurities from the pores to reveal a fresh, smooth and radiant complexion. The resulting “new skin” allows the easy application of your daily skincare and makeup products. This amazing peeling jelly is especially suitable for people who have dull-looking skin, blackheads, acne and black spots.

Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly comes in 3 variants of mixed fruits, mixed berries and unscented. So ladies, fret no more as you can now simply peel away your “old skin” and have “new skin” every day!



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