River Safari Singapore

Time to track back my touristy tour in Singapore. I think I have many posts on Singapore popular attractions which are great! I love exploring new places of Singapore, it gives me a very nice feeling and I also get to know Singapore better. Hey, Singaporeans should know Singapore well isn't it. :)

River Safari Singapore

Our Night Safari sure gave our country an advantage over the rest which features nocturnal animals around the world. Even so, I haven't got a chance to visit the Night Safari yet. What a dismay, but I will soon! Hey, just a little consolation to myself, I already visited the River Safari. #archievementunlocked hehe

The entire trip took me about 3 hours. I would recommend you to take the boat ride which is an additional of $5 per person. I did not purchase the boat ride ticket, hence, I think we missed quite a bit on some areas. Overall, amazing trip I would say.

Embarking on the journey...

#ootd with my favourite slippers which I go around everywhere with.
Bugis top, Tracy Einny skorts, Longchamp bag and Ripple slippers (Y)

We walked in further till the very first exhibit/aquarium?

Happy us ^^

We moved on next to see more fishes. We are still around the entrance! 

The fishes are very interesting and one really caught my eye! Watch the slideshow and I believe you will know which I'm talking about immediately. hehe. 

The vicious tigerfish! rawrrr!
Just look at the sharp sharp teeth. 


The next part will be the monkeys! The monkeys were quite energetic, I'm not sure if they were playing or fighting actually. Their actions were very aggressive and no doubt the crowd there was huge.

Mekong River

Then its the fishes again!
Oh, there's one particular fish which was quite weird. It swims upside down! Not sure if it's the fishes' skill or what but very attention seeking ah you. hahaha.

keep walking~

Here comes the most exciting part, the PANDAS !!!

Very very cute, this species were let out in the open space. It's like when we tilt our heads up, he was just above us! No enclosure or anything. The pandas were very well behaved, it din't come down to scare us or anything.

The main lead next!

Jia Jia & Kai Kai
Kai kai a bit too shy so din't manage to capture any photos of her. Jia jia is the opposite ! Both of them are quite similar so if you put them both together, I'm not sure which is which. Both are equally cute.

Jia jia! :D

Here's the mysterious Kai Kai. heh.

That's the end of my River Safari tour! Too much photos so I had to placed them in the slideshow which I thought it was really cute. hehe. Let me know how you feel about it whether if I should put it in a slideshow or just it alone!

Thank you for reading. See you next time!



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