Zaia Zonka: Neighbourhood Video Contest


Zaia Zonka have newly launched the Neighborhood Video Contest ! Living in the urban estate, at times we might not have the chance to even say hi to our neighbours. Let alone friends but neighbours are the ones whom are the nearest to use (physically) when we are home right!

Now, you can have a chance to get together with your neighbours without being awkward. You can start off by, hey! Shall we make a video and participate in the contest together? Sounds fun? Yes, it definitely do.

Create a video that evokes a sense of the people and place in your neighbourhood.

Theme: Neighbourhood in Singapore.
As long as you work creatively with this theme, we will happily accept your video. Feel free to edit your footage! The video should only be between 30 seconds to 120 seconds.

Here's the fun part!

✓ $50 CapitaMall voucher 
✓ $50 gift voucher at Going Om - a beautiful cafe/bar at Arab Street inspired by the Nepali mountains 
✓ Free therapy at Singapore's only Anti-Oxidant Centre 
✓ Birthday package valued at $500 from My Sweet Cocoa (3 kg customized cake, cake pops, cupcakes and a cake table set-up)

Exciting right! Make sure you take note of the deadline as well.

For more information, do check out !



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