Alive Museum Singapore

I don't think many heard of Alive Museum yet but it's similar to the very popular Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa. While typing this, it makes me mad. I actually went down to Trick Eye Museum during their opening promotion but tickets were sold out when I got there. What a disappointment. What's disappoints further is that they are actually selling tickets for the next day. No point coming already since the tickets are selling fast each day.

Enough of the rant, let me present you

Alive Museum

I went to Alive Museum on my 21st birthday. woohoooo. Okay, I'm not sure what others did on their 21st birthday but here's mine. I hosted a party days before the actual birthday and I really enjoyed myself a lot! Thank you all who attended. Enough of sidetracking. hehe

Alive Museum was huge but the only problem was the lighting. The lighting was bad and some of the artifacts wasn't as promising as it is. There is literally no 3D effect for some. I did had a fun trip shooting all the photos in the museum. I went there on a weekday evening, no crowd and queues which was awesome! I took about 2 hours to complete the whole museum, came out really tired but some of the shots are really worth it!

 The Ballerina

 Mother with baby (us)
 The Little Mermaid


 Jump Shot
 Selfie !
 Four Mirrors
 MJ Style

 Palm of God
 Spider Smooch
 Easy Peasy 

 The Handstand - *favourite
 Angel of my love 
 Zombie Apocalypse

 Let's row roll
 Let me lend a little help
 Party Box

  Circus Show
 Love in the Moonlight - *favourite*
 Hang in the air
 Ping Pong Ball 

 Big--Small people
 Giraffe, hi. 
 Elephant Painting
 You throw~
 I catch !
 Humming Bird
The giant capture
View more photos here.
Hope you enjoy the photos! Thank you for reading :D



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