Mongkok Street @ Jurong Point


I'm amazed. Just two words that could used to summarize the whole media tour. I was quite taken aback by the effort in all the furnishings and it does feel like in Hong Kong. FYI, Jurong Point incorporates many different kind of lifestyles in the mall. They have 'Malaysia Boleh' , Korean style and many more! One of the largest mall in Singapore. Impressive!

Im very excited to start off the tour! It felt like an excursion and I couldn't calm myself down. I love excursions when I'm little. Hehe. 

To start off, we had a preview of the 'trishaw ride'. It was quite fun but for the people who are cycling, I feel your pain. Hahaha, all for the one time experience is totally worth it man! Good job!

We proceed on to photo-taking! :) The models are very pretty. Love the backdrop that brings the whole concept of Hong Kong out so well. 

Thank you for the little snacks along the way too! Lemon tee ice pop!

Definitely has the Hong Kong feel right! Everything seems so real that most of us forget we are still in Singapore. Lol.

First stop, Mr Bean ! 

I'm a big fan of Mr Bean. I used to buy Mr Bean for breakfast almost everyday when I'm heading to work. Fresh and tasty. Now, they are coming up with a Mini Beanies! Too cute to be eaten but when you do, it tastes really good! A bit embarrassed to say this but I had a lot of them during the launch. Too good to be missed !

I love hazelnut chocolate the best! Others are equally good and it actually depends what you like. Im a big chocolate lover so... hehe.

Lychee Pop! You just have to try this. I love that 'pop' in my mouth, so refreshing! 

Second stop, Performances

Jurong Point had made an effort to bring you Hong Kong related activities in the mall too! Do check it out :)

Third stop, Legendary Hong Kong

Here are some of the dishes at Legendary Hong Kong. The restaurant is well furnished in the Hong Kong style. It just feels like we are back to the olden days. Nostalgic. 

You may be confused with the 4 different shop fronts of Legendary Hong Kong but fret not! It is all under the same restaurant. It's all linked up behind. 

I would personally recommend their fried dishes. Serve hot and crunchy! 

Last stop - Fashion Wardrobe 
Hate trying clothes but you are dying to know how will it look like on you? There you go! We have the virtual changing room. Interactive and interesting.

That's all from me!
I had a great time at Jurong Point and hope you do too. Check out Jurong Point exciting happenings and promotions to indulge in the whole new shopping experience. Want to know where I get the 'bao' plush from? Just spend a min. of $88 @ Mongkok Street and you can bring yours home! :) 

Thank you for reading :) 



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