Yellow cup coffee

Yellow Cup Coffee 

Mr Hans, owner of Yellow Cup Coffee

So I went to Yellow cup coffee with Jessie located in the bustling streets of Chinatown. It is right opposite the family court and wouldn't be a problem to locate them. Having said so, we took many rounds before reaching our destination. opps!

The cafe has large tables that would be able to accommodate big groups. It is also an concept idea adopted from the western countries as single customers would be able to mingle around with other customers to make new friends. I'm very captivated by the idea. In Singapore, we do things very independently. At times, we will have meals ourselves or just take away back home or the office. I would definitely love to mingle around. An exciting cafe adventure I say.

Yellow, the theme. Yellow, the colour brings on a very happy vibe. It is definitely the colour that could brighten someone's day! Besides that, the cafe have many little ornaments for you to play with. Little legos figurines, minions and many more. Props to even beautify your photo! As for me, I think it brings a homely feel around.

A place to spend my afternoon in.



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