Trick Eye Museum Singapore!


This is joey, walking you through Trick Eye Museum. Not to worry, I am still fine. Let's kick start this awesome journey!

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would already know I had been to Trick Eye Museum recently. It is definitely a fun filled experience. I know many of you are curious about the 3D paintings and surroundings, so let this post be your guide to Trick Eye Museum! 

Guide to Trick Eye Museum

Let me start of the post by answering some common questions. 

Q1) How long will it take to walk through the museum? 
- It will take about 2.5 hours to 3 hours. Do give yourself some buffer time in case there are long queues. The management actually restrict the number of people in the museum itself so you need not worry. As most of us know, going on a weekday will definitely be the best option to avoid the crowd!

Q2) Is there a dress code?
Nope! There isn't but make sure you come in your most comfy clothes to allow you to bend/stretch/pose to get the most realistic photos.

Q3) How do we pose? 
There will be pointers and stickers to help you with photo taking! I will explain more of this later in the post, so keep reading! 

I bet most of you have already seen some of the pictures in the museum. Therefore, Im going to present you my TOP 5 pictures that you MUST get yourself in !

(not in any sequence)

 #1: Elephant in the carnival !
This is the first few setup near the entrance. The colours are vibrant and I really love how their set up the whole picture. Nicely done, read on to find out which angle and how to take such photos!

#2: Levitating on the chair
I believe many will be interested in this set up! I'm already figuring this out before going to the museum itself. Well, I shan't expose the trick here. All I can say is that you need not be afraid of this at all. A very mystic feeling and that could make people go WOW.

 #3: Love on the moon
This is an unconventional way of taking for this setup.

"George Bailey: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary." quoted from It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

Well, I'm already up the moon with my love.

Different ways of posing will be shown later in the post! :)

 #4: Hi, Panda!
It is definitely interesting to climb vertically up and being able to say Hi to the panda. Well, it's easy peasy here at Trick Eye Museum. (hint: you have to rotate your image)

#5: Off the edge 
Remember to hold tight! This actually resemblance a scene in Ice Age. Love to act the impossible here.


I am not any professional photographer but here's two cents of what I think on how to take nice photos to show the 3d effect!

I panic a little while taking the photos cuz I do not want to take up too much time to deter others from taking too. Some of the photos are quite messed up, so here's some of my tips to help you out if you are blur like me. heh.
Below are photos that features two sided images (one side on the wall, the other side on the floor), it will only be more realistic when you take part of the both sides!

Look at the above photo at where the arrows are pointing! That will be the division of the wall and the floor. Let us do a mini experiment! Cover the bottom part with your hand and sees which image will be better. :) Note: the floor portion is blurred to show the effect.

Drop the pants! This is quite funny! Definitely love the sky view and the blend effects. :)

This is another example of the two sided paints! However, this is more straight forward as we gotta capture the person inside. Im very captivated by this types of paintings where we actually sit on the floor to blend in the 3D effect! 

This is also one of my favourite photo too! Tough choice to pick up my top 5 but this is equally interesting. :) Tip: wear a dark coloured shoe (preferably black) to be able to blend in the black hole just like the above photo. Hehe.

Here are the few types of poses I've tried! It was definitely a fun time exploring the new poses. Let your creativity flows! :)

Some of them are created in a gif format for your pleasure cuz I thought it might be funny. :)

The small big people!
I highly suggest people whom are above 170 cm to stand at the lower area to protect your head. This is already proven cuz the bf had a big hit! opps.

I love the last photo of the sequence most. Although the heart sign isn't very obvious but I'm sure you all get the meaning. hehe.

Many of you guys say we look alike, actually we are ONE ^

 Apparently, I think the wolf men is very hugable. hmm.


Of course there are a lot more interesting photos / set ups at Trick Eye Museum! Can't wait to show you guys now!!

Trying to lift me up by two hands, seems like I aint that heavy yeah. Hehe

And also my boyfriend attempts to cheat on me there too.

Art of love ❤️

Singing in the rain ~ singing in the rain! 

I've come to the end of the tour! Hope you guys enjoy my mini guide to Trick Eye Museum with some tips and tricks to indulge in this fantasy. Off I zoom to my lala land while my prince charming gallop away. 

Trick Eye Museum definitely offers one the most realistic setups in the world. I really appreciate how the paintings are done nicely in an interesting way.

 Credit: The Influencer Network

Once again, thank you to Trick Eye Museum and The Influencer Network for hosting us. i had a wonderful time and hope to see you soon! :) 



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