21'st Party!


It's been awhile since I blog. Nice to be back and only if my laptop could load a bit faster, everything will be great! Throwback to my 21st Party, looking back at all the photos make me felt loved again. ❤️

It's my 21st birthday this year and it falls in the month of June. Although, it is a little late to post now but well, I still want to. Enjoy the photos and thank you for everyone whom make time to attend the party. Appreciated.

I had a mini dessert table with the help of my cousins! Though it is quite mini but I still quite love it. hehe

I bought my dress online and waited for it for almost a month. Thankfully it arrives before the party. Many say it looks like my wedding/rom dress, I thought I look quite 'princessy' in it with all the lace and tutu bottom. hehe

Got my balloons from Taobao with the help of Shermaine! The place was decorated nicely with balloons and crepe streamers for the photo backdrop. So glad to have friends helping me out on the day. Thank you!

Group Photos

Thank you all for coming. I had a great 21st party! love.



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