What's up !

Hi guys! Presenting to you me with the cover ear pose. Hahaha

Exams are finally over, those days waking up in the wee hours to study were horrible. I felt really bad after the papers though, so terrible that I dont have the urge to even start writing on the booklet at that moment. 

It had been a rollercoaster ride ever since school starts. Met new friends, broaden my horizon and learnt many new things. It was a happy semester I would say. Though projects and exams really killed me. Literally.

I think I've changed. I used to be very 'noisy' in the past but now, I get 'closed up' pretty often. Once bitten twice shy. Blame it on the trust I have for people easily. I always believed that people are good in nature. However, as times goes by, I realised not all are. I turned out to be quite independent too. Not sure if Im just lonely, but sometimes, I do enjoy being alone, sometimes I wouldnt want to burden people to run errands with me, sometimes it just left me. 

My shoulders are weighed. Who can I talk to? 


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