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Steamboat Party with Netballers!

Hey hey hey! 
So, there we have our steamboat party at bex's place. Thank you bex for opening your house to us. We had plenty of fun that night. (We are young ~ let's set the world on fire , we can do better than the sunnnn~)
Wide spread of our delicacy. Yum yum!

A great dinner to start off 2015. So glad to be part of this family. Never ending group outings and cheers to more! 
Personally, I love steamboat. I like the idea of everyone gathering back for a nice warm dinner. It just had to occur to me that it's a 团圆饭. 
❤️, Joey

+66 Bangkok Bound (Nov'14)

I'm back to Bangkok again!
The delicious food and cheap clothes were tempting us to prolong our trip.
I had plenty of fun in Bangkok! So much till we are so tired that we could nap everywhere we go. Especially on the cab ride.

Let me just summarize the awesome trip all in a post. I have been dividing my travel posts into the amount of days I'm there in the past. However, I would love to post everything i a single post now to make sure I complete them as soon as I could and avoid super delayed post. Moreover, I blog to keep track of my journey. I still love to blog despite the hiatus.

On board we go!

A total of 4 days having lots of fun in Bangkok! I was there with two different groups. Thankful for their company and care, not forgetting b whom let me went wild with shopping there too. Oh, there's one time I bought 5 pieces of clothing in Chatuchak without b knowing and when he came about knowing his expression was priceless. He said the tees look cute on me so …