+66 Bangkok Bound (Nov'14)

I'm back to Bangkok again!
The delicious food and cheap clothes were tempting us to prolong our trip.

I had plenty of fun in Bangkok! So much till we are so tired that we could nap everywhere we go. Especially on the cab ride.

Let me just summarize the awesome trip all in a post. I have been dividing my travel posts into the amount of days I'm there in the past. However, I would love to post everything i a single post now to make sure I complete them as soon as I could and avoid super delayed post. Moreover, I blog to keep track of my journey. I still love to blog despite the hiatus.

On board we go!

A total of 4 days having lots of fun in Bangkok! I was there with two different groups. Thankful for their company and care, not forgetting b whom let me went wild with shopping there too. Oh, there's one time I bought 5 pieces of clothing in Chatuchak without b knowing and when he came about knowing his expression was priceless. He said the tees look cute on me so im safe here. hee.

We roam to many places and here are some which we love!

Day 1: Platinum Fashion Mall + Asiatique

Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall used to be a shopping heaven for me but it seems all to be just window shopping now. Prices increases and the standard of clothes drop a lot. I did not get a lot from here but still it is a must to drop by! They have awesome food at the food court. yum.


My first time here at Asiatique, never short of amazing. Similar to Singapore's Clarke Quay but with plenty more shops, eateries and fun! A great place to hang out and explore. *Recommended*

Day 2: Chatuchak +Union Mall + Chinatown


The hot and sizzling weather at Chatuchak is the only reason that make us leave earlier and we did. We reached there at about 8.30 a.m. and though not all the shops are open, we still manage to get many things there. We tried our best to want to conquer the whole of Chatuchak but we failed. I couldn't find my favourite chicken noodle shop there too. The blazing sun are asking us to leave and so we did and left for Union Mall!

Union Mall

My friend introduced Union Mall and it was a shopping heaven. They have plenty of nice clothing at wholesale price. I couldn't express how much I love there. The stuffs I got from past few days was at a fraction of price there so it's an excuse to shop more. Oh and not to forget they have the roll on ice cream and it was delicious. I posted the making of the ice cream video on facebook and it garnered me few thousands of views. wow. Union Mall is about 10 minutes away from Chatuchak so it will be best to head down together when you are visiting Chatuchak.


A food heaven in Chinatown! Look at the spread we ordered! They have the cheapest seafood in Bangkok but you may have to wait a little longer for seats. The road congestion at Chinatown may be a little too bad to imagine too.

Day 3: Temple Hopping + Big C + Siam + Central

Temple hopping is an eye opener for me. Never did I know we could actually donate a coffin to help the needy to send off their last journey. It does sound inauspicious but when I arrive at the temple, everyone was doing the same thing. It was meaningful. We head down to three different temples to give prayers. It was fascinating. 

We stopped by MBK for lunch and the standard of food did not drop! It may be a little more pricey than what we had for the past few days but it was worthwhile. My favorite pineapple rice ❤️

We moved on to Big C and viola most of our kaching were spent here especially for b. A total of S$300 at the cashier. We were astonished. Not forgetting to mention, b actually bought 60 boxes of pocky back home. Not sure if his love for food is more than for me. haha! Big C is a hypermart that could allow you to sweep everything off the shelves to bring it back to Singapore. Cheap and good.  

Day 4: Last day

We did not go very far on the last day so as to get back to the hotel on time for our flight. Went around the vicinity to get our last minute shopping. Oh yes, we did visit cafes too. Will share it on my next post. :)

Thank you for reading.



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