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Japan Tour 2014

Hi there!

This time I'm gonna bring you around Japan! We signed up a Japan tour package with Chan Brothers and it was amazing. Although we spent most of our time on the bus/plane, I think it's still pretty worth it. It's like a pigging out trip there. All I did was to eat and shop and sleep. The best ever.

7 Days 6 Nights Central Japan Allure, Let's go! 

Day 1:

Fly Fly Fly
On the plane and still on the plane. We changed to a domestic flight upon arrival at Osaka. First day gone~

Day 2:

Universal Studio Japan

Universal Studio Japan was an eyeopener. No doubt, it couldn't be compared to Singapore's. In terms of size and ride, everything is better there. Well, their queues are extremely long too. We missed out quite a number of rides due to their super long queues. Not to mention, Harry Potter site was packed with people. It has magnificent architecture of buildings that really resemble what it is like in the movie. However, just by entering the hall took us near 1 …