Japan Tour 2014

Hi there!

This time I'm gonna bring you around Japan! We signed up a Japan tour package with Chan Brothers and it was amazing. Although we spent most of our time on the bus/plane, I think it's still pretty worth it. It's like a pigging out trip there. All I did was to eat and shop and sleep. The best ever.

7 Days 6 Nights Central Japan Allure, Let's go! 

Day 1:

Fly Fly Fly

On the plane and still on the plane. We changed to a domestic flight upon arrival at Osaka. First day gone~

Day 2:

Universal Studio Japan

Universal Studio Japan was an eyeopener. No doubt, it couldn't be compared to Singapore's. In terms of size and ride, everything is better there. Well, their queues are extremely long too. We missed out quite a number of rides due to their super long queues. Not to mention, Harry Potter site was packed with people. It has magnificent architecture of buildings that really resemble what it is like in the movie. However, just by entering the hall took us near 1 hour already. The rides queue were insane.

Day 3:

Kiyomizu-dera Temple + Tojinbo + Fukui

We took a bullet train to arrive at Kyoto. Within minutes we reached our destination. However, if we were to go by land (car), it would take us up to 1 hour. Thanks to whoever who invented the bullet train. haha.

Upon arrival, we proceed to Kiyomizu-dera Temple for sight seeing. Its main hall extends out to a verandah that commands a panoramic view of Kyoto. It was serene. There are plenty of stores lining up along the way up to the temple. However, we do not have the time to walk through the stores. They have many interesting and delicious snacks though! Especially the shop facing the carpark.

Next, we stopped by Tonjinbo.

Featuring pillar-shaped cliffs created by seawater erosion. Look at the beautiful skyline, it's a pity that we could only stay there for 30 minutes due to the bad weather (windstorm). The shops there weren't open as well.
To end off the day, we stayed at an onsen resort in Fukui. Beautiful Yukata. ^^

Day 4: 
It finally snowed! Took some photos before living our onsen resort for the day. Everywhere look so pretty for the rest of the day. White winter.

We stopped by Kutani Mangetsu for some porcelain experience. They do have a wide selection of porcelain but it was very boring. Maybe porcelain lovers will like the place?

Next stop to: Kenrokuen Garden!
Acclaimed as one of Japan's 3 great gardens, indeed, it was beautiful. Although it was freezing cold, I still love the white winter feel of the garden. Everywhere looking so great. haha, no filter needed.

Next stop: Shirakawa-go!
A well preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site to view its old farmhouses with steep roofs that resemble two hands folded for a prayer.

What can I say. My first snow experience been so great. I got to admit that it was really freezing but I do enjoy my time there. Many shops were closed due to the huge snowfall, can't wait to visit Japan again during summer. Sure gonna be a different experience together!

Day 5:

Himi/Toyama + Nagano
First up, we toured the wasabi farm! Nagano Daio Wasabi
Not a fan of wasabi so nothing special for me. Haha. Had ice cream in winter, though its at wasabi farm, I chose the vanilla one instead. lol. Beautiful place. Everywhere in Japan are beautiful. Behind me are mini wasabi that are slowly growing up.:)

Due to the bad weather, that's the end of our day. ): Everywhere were blocked up due to the massive snow pour. Enroute to Tokyo and check into Tokyo Dome hotel for the night.

Day 6:
Mt Fuji + Disneyland

We din't went up to Mt Fuji area, tour guide and driver said that this location had a better view of Mt Fuji and due to time constraint that's our only choice. It turned out great for photos! I had the whole Mt Fuji behind me. However, I would love to visit Mt Fuji next time. It is always better to step in to Mt Fuji itself right.

Next we went to Tokyo Disneyland!

We had the chance to choose between Disneyland or DisneySea and we chose Disneyland instead as we haven't been to the Japan one before. After which, we heard many said sea was better and I presumed so. ): Land was quite boring though the architecture were built great. More for kids I would say, even the haunted house was too cute. lol. The haunted house works well for me though cuz I scaredy cat. hahah.

End the day with dinner at some street stalls opposite our hotel. Yum, the ramen was one of the best I ever had. The coupon machine outside the shop was hard to use. We had to ask the staff to help us with it. Haha, great experience though!

Day 7:
Back to Singapore
Glad to be back to Singapore. Definitely will miss Japan and can't wait to be back! The plane ride was horrendous. I was so scared during the first quarter of the flight. Due to the bad weather, we ended up in a 45 minutes turbulence and our meals were delayed too. Now, the real meaning of 'Welcome back' sinks in.

Japan was a great experience! Everyone should visit Japan at least once in their life. They have plenty of beautiful architectural buildings, a clean city and everyone were super nice there! That's the end of my Japan tour.

Hope you enjoy reading! See you soon.

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