Skin Shape Club Review


I'm back for another review but this post is totally worth your time.

I've been consistently going to Skin Shape Club every week for a month now and the best part is that I really look forward to my treatment every week. Well, I guess one must be interested to receive the best treatment and service right?

I went for Skin Shaper Facial for 4 times now and I was told that optimal results are shown after the sixth session but I can already see slight improvement on my pores after the first treatment! As seen from the photo above, my pores reduced in size! Zoom in to have a closer look but please don't judge. haha.

The best part is that there are:
  • No downtime : non-invasive, non-abrasive treatments
  • Gentle treatment- advanced technology keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Discreet- no intense side-effects, no one knows unless you want them to
  • Fast treatment- only 30 minutes, perfect for lunch time beauty fix
Let me tell you more about Skin Shaper Facial before I share more of my experience with you. The facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using trademark registered LHE technology - light and heat energy for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance. Great for sensitive and Asian skin too! (that's what we need most, isn't it?)

I believe all of the therapist at Skin Shape Club treats their customers equally be it as a blogger or a customer. I had my treatments done with Jasmine and I felt that she is more concerned for my skin than I do. I mean I do take good care of my skin too but the details and care she put in is definitely more than me.

 Lounge area~

What's more, Skin Shape Club also provides light refreshments after every treatment. I am actually quite excited for the refreshments too cuz all of them are delicious! Perfect for working adults to have their treatment during lunch break - treatment + refreshments, what else can you ask for!

 After treatment 1 - Garden salad
  After treatment2 - nourishing dessert
  After treatment 3- Chicken Bolognese with yogurt (my fave!!)

After treatment 4 - Sushi !

Here I am enjoying my food after treatment! Look at my lit up face in contrast with my dark circles due to exam ):

By far, this is one of my favourite treatments. So glad to be able to try the skin shaper program!
Now you can too!
6589 8331
181 Orchard Road
#03-13/14 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896



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