Shi Li Fang 食立方 review


I am on a blog roll now!  I can't wait to show you more about my daily lifestyle and also to sustain the reason of why I am even blogging in the first place. I hope to keep the blog alive and definitely it will be a good read when I grew older.

Since we were in Orchard and as most of us already know that there's no cheap food in town. It is either you dine in Food Republic (which isn't very cheap too) or you would have to settle your meals in restaurants.

Now, there's a great alternative. How do I get to know about Shi Li Fang 食立方 in the first place? I honestly did not walk the entire Orchard Central to look for food. Instead, Shi Li Fang 食立方 hired a flyer distributor to distribute flyers at level 1 to create awareness. Well, it got me.

The lunch deal consists of a pot of soup, vegetables and meat (chicken, beef, pork or seafood) for only $9.90+.  I cant doubt the fact of how much both of us love seafood, so we decided to go for seafood platters!

If you already spotted a plate of beef at the corner, good job for great observation. We did ordered a plate of beef apart from the dishes in the lunch deal. That's because they have a whooping 50% on all the other side dishes!

Down to the million dollar question, 'Is it worth it or not?'
For the price paid, I think it is worth the try. However, do not expect any thing fascinating from here. Moreover, you are getting what you paid for. I do not recommend the handmade noodles though. It tasted rubbery and I do not remember finishing the noodles. Apart from that, they have a fair amount of sauces for you to choose from. All in the lunch deal, it includes a complimentary drink as well. Fair enough.

 That's all from me today!



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