Windowsill in the woods

Hi there!

I'm really busy recently and that explains the lack of updates. Sorry for the long trail of advertorials. I love trying new products therefore the massive intakes of advertorials. Oops. 

If you don't know, I'm a pie girl at Windowsill Pies! Being a pie girl there, I learnt many things. One of which would be coffee brewing and latte art! In order to achieve pretty latte art, a lot of practice is needed! Kudos to those latte art masters.

Windowsill have really good pies. They do really live up to their name. PIE


My favorite kaki during work. Though I was brought in by Cheryl, the irony is that I don't usually work together with her. Lol. 

Having said so, this is the end of my pie experience! Definitely a great experience.



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