Esemtan Review


Even if you have DRY and Sensitive skin, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of using product without fragrance. Esemtan products comes with mild fragrance that helps to bring smile to your daily wash. Making you enjoying every moment – keeping you refresh and happy.

How to:
Apply on one hand and rub the back of your both hands together to even out the balm. Massage gently.

Esemtan Skin Balm $20/500ml
Love the skin balm! It works as it claims. Moisturizing and not sticky at all. I really love products that do what they claims. At least, we as consumers, don't feel cheated. haha.

Esemtan Wash Lotion $19.75/500ml, $35.30/1L 
It is smooth and gentle on skin. My skin is quite dry so I do really need one which is really moisturizing to not let my skin feel itchy at all. Well, sometimes, dry skin tends to crack and itch in the hot day. Esemtan works for me :)

Available at Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), NHG



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