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Pince & Pints


I'm sure most of you heard of Pince & Pints before but does it really live up to its fame?
They specializes in lobsters and only lobsters. The food menu contains 3 different types of cooking variations, - Live Whole Lobster (Grilled or Steamed) , The Lobster Roll and Chili Lobster. I dont take spice but the chili lobster look amazing at its own.

Oh, if you ask why are we here. We are celebrating b's birthday. woohoo! Especially when he's a seafood lover.

They dont take in reservations and only walk-ins are allowed. We waited for about 15 minutes and we got a table! However, our seats are really near to the door. I would strongly suggest to get a table at the back of the restaurant as there are too many people walking in and out! The staff service was commendable. 

I ordered a grilled lobster and it was super good! It was fresh and surprisingly the sides was up to standard too. Well, I savored my whole dish and never leave a single bit. 
B ordered the steam …