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October Updates!

Let's start off with a proper post! (yay)
There's so many posts on hold currently and I really do not have the time to complete them. fyi: Graduation Trip: Australia Birthday Trip: PhuketGraduation Ceremonyand many other little gritty posts like what I always believe in, this blog track my growing journey. I really hope to be able to complete them soon. The photos are always a chore.

October updates:

FROTH An impromptu catch-up with Edward at Froth. It's always nice to head out with a food blogger because I don't have to decide what to eat. Thank you for checking out the cafe a day before we were there. Loves their mains and the atmosphere. 
^ Earl Grey Lavender Ice-cream with waffles. Though I would still prefer Sunday Folk's, Froth's one is pretty decent too. 

CLEO BFF makeover Always thankful for this girl who been through the ups and downs with me. Although she hates me for always not sharing the things that are on my mind. haha, bad habit I say. Can someon…

Audio House’s 26th Anniversary Sale!

Hi there,

It's another birthday post today!
Happy 26th Birthday Audio House as they celebrate with its customers by offering the best promotions ever!
Audio House guarantees the best prices in Singapore by matching all competitors’ prices With every S$100 worth of products purchased in store, Audio House will offer an additional S$26 rebate! Furthermore, the Longest Ultra High Definition (UHD) Wall TV in Singapore is only available at Audio House Liang Court! We don't just go for the one we want, we simply go for the best. Pick your favourite TV only @ Audio House.

Apart from matching competitors’ prices, Audio House will be offering an additional S$26 rebate for every S$100 spent in store during the birthday celebration period! That means, with S$1,000 spent, customers will enjoy a rebate of S$260!

I am totally awed by the prices. We are not kidding you and you may think that the promotions are all about marketing hype then you are absolutely wrong. My clique just bought …