October Updates!

Let's start off with a proper post! (yay)

There's so many posts on hold currently and I really do not have the time to complete them.
  • Graduation Trip: Australia 
  • Birthday Trip: Phuket
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • and many other little gritty posts
like what I always believe in, this blog track my growing journey. I really hope to be able to complete them soon. The photos are always a chore.

October updates:

An impromptu catch-up with Edward at Froth. It's always nice to head out with a food blogger because I don't have to decide what to eat. Thank you for checking out the cafe a day before we were there. Loves their mains and the atmosphere. 
^ Earl Grey Lavender Ice-cream with waffles. Though I would still prefer Sunday Folk's, Froth's one is pretty decent too. 

CLEO BFF makeover
Always thankful for this girl who been through the ups and downs with me. Although she hates me for always not sharing the things that are on my mind. haha, bad habit I say. Can someone volunteer here to help me kick away this bad habit. lol. just kidding.

Anyway, here we are all doll up for our mini shoot at Bugis +. Can't wait to see you this week!

NEWBY Tea Workshop

Thank you Edward for extending the tea appreciation workshop to me :>
Newby tea are exclusively picked and they have the finest tea selection. Check them out here:
One of my favourite will be none other their jasmine green tea. For those who don't know, I simply can't live without green tea. If I would to collect all the pokka bottles till now, I am sure they can fill up my entire room. lol. Thank you Serene and co for hosting us too! 


Love all sorts of musicals, circus and performance! Partly because I am once in a performing arts cca and totally understand the 'pain' they been through for just the few minutes on stage.  
台上一分鈡,台下十年功 make me appreciate performances a lot more. No doubt, TOTEM was so good! My jaw dropped the entire show. 

Thank you Nuffnang for the one seated tickets, lol. I was really shock to get two single tickets upon arriving. Lucky for us, we managed to find empty seats and can sit together for the second half. Cheryl and I were happy for the ice cream we had there too. haha

Shopee Ambassador PARTY

Yay! Guess what, I am a shopee ambassador now!
Thank you Shopee team for planning the bus ride party, thou the bus was solemn for the first half, the second half of the ride we went all high and everyone was having so much fun. Can't wait to see all of you all again.

How true can this be. 
Someone told me once that before saying yes to others, make sure you stop saying no to self. I like to hear from people, especially when they bring such important messages across. Here's another one: 'When there's a problem, there's no use whining all about it. Find a solution and get it resolved' Many of us know this but the impact of those messages are so strong that it just hit you instantly. I guess this is what friends are for, true friends give you the awakening call. However, some of them are just out to play you. 



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