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I'm an Uni Grad now!

Hi there,

It's so good to be back blogging! Work have been very very stress lately and even when I'm typing the title for my post, it brings me memories of the headlines horrors I had at work. For the better of course, and I hope my language and sentence structure have improved over the last three months too. heh. #notcomplaining #grateful #forthebetter #icandoit

The title (headline) of the post should tell you what is this post about. and yes, I am officially an university graduate now (since august).

Let me backtrack to the time when I first entered school. For those of you who don't know, I am in RMIT, majoring in Bachelor of Business - Marketing. I did a switch in major since polytechnic and never regret my decision since. I was studying finance and IT during my poly days and was still quite upset I ended up in an IT school though my diploma was : Financial Business Infomatics. We were 'forced' to take up IT modules in our 3 years of studying. Times flies and s…

November Updates!

Yay! Here to another update of my life. I'm pampering myself with pedicure now and since my hands are free, might as well update my blog. Hehe :>

Reviving the kid in me, went in to Toys 'R' us on 3rd Novemeber and they still have the halloween toys in store! Tricks or Treats errbodyyy!
November been a really busy month at work. My colleagues been really nice to me and I can have a small pot of money plant on desk. Please grow strong and mighty, my monies. (pun intended)
Then we have Kah Han's birthday celebration on the 6th November. Join them aftermath and had a truly awesome night with them! Happy Birthday Kah Han, may you find your princess soon. ❤️
On the 16th November, we went to Batam Sekupang for our company's CSR. It was nothing short of amazing. Been wanting to help the less fortunate kids ever since I'm in university and so glad that the very first one was one of the company's initiative. 
I love to collect experiences. One of the most valuable…