I'm an Uni Grad now!

Hi there,

It's so good to be back blogging! Work have been very very stress lately and even when I'm typing the title for my post, it brings me memories of the headlines horrors I had at work. For the better of course, and I hope my language and sentence structure have improved over the last three months too. heh. #notcomplaining #grateful #forthebetter #icandoit

The title (headline) of the post should tell you what is this post about. and yes, I am officially an university graduate now (since august).

Let me backtrack to the time when I first entered school. For those of you who don't know, I am in RMIT, majoring in Bachelor of Business - Marketing. I did a switch in major since polytechnic and never regret my decision since. I was studying finance and IT during my poly days and was still quite upset I ended up in an IT school though my diploma was : Financial Business Infomatics. We were 'forced' to take up IT modules in our 3 years of studying. Times flies and slowly I got more matured and was satisfied with my diploma. Furthermore, it brought me to greater heights. In this new digital age, knowing how to code is a plus point. I was glad that my poly 'impart' the skills to me. (still hating programming though)

Coming back, I wanted to major in Marketing ever since the end of my 'O' Levels but din't get the chance to get enrolled in that diploma. So, here I am graduating with Marketing Degree now.

During my first year of uni, things was mundane. My school life was all about getting to school > work > home. I was tutoring in my first year of uni and slowly because of personal issues, I decided to stop teaching anymore. It was boring.

Oh, but wait. I step out of my comfort zone and wrote in to become one of school's blogger! (Milestone) I still remember vividly that I din't have high hopes with the blogger application as my language wasn't strong at all. Little did I known, my blogging experience at this page won the panel over. I guess when it drives down to blogging, it is all about your personal style. Nobody can takeaway from you anytime. I became a returned blogger for Season 9 and am still loving to write for the school. Oh, and my face plastered around school too. (just kidding)

My second year (last year) of school was brilliant. I joined netball and it was a life changing experience. Never did I know I can play sports. Although, I am in the school recreational team, I thought I did a fairly good job with no experience in sports when I first joined. There's still so much to improve on but I am glad that I (again) step out of my comfort zone to try something I never thought I would. (Milestone) The best part is that the netballers (girls and boys) got so close together as a clique we couldn't live without. I guess each of us created a substantial amount in everyone's heart. I love you guys! Thankful for what we have been through and am so glad to have all of you in part of my life.

Not forgetting my project mates whom we stick to each other for most of the semesters. Some of the project and project mates got us crazy but it's all over now! I guess it is those little things that allow us to grow a little each day and be the better of us. No more school projects and now for the real world.

Cheers to our graduation!

Thank you for my family and friends who came down to celebrate with me. ❤️



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