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Sydney Grad Log 1 + SKYDIVE!

Sydney: 5th June - 8th June 2015
To start off, this aussie trip was so impromptu and I am so glad that I made the decision! It all started when my uni mates left Singapore for Melbourne to complete their last semester in uni. I always wanted to go overseas to study too and thought this would be the best chance. I need not be away from home for so long (6 months) and still could get the experience of studying overseas. However, here comes the cons where just for a mere 6 months, the expenses can go all up to 30 k. It is time to abolish the thoughts. Instead, I am here for my graduation trip! yay! 
Air Tickets Back on track, we were planning to head to Melbourne to look for them. Zann was stalking the air tickets and we got ourselves a really good deal! We bought our tickets from Scoot at only $164 to Sydney. It's a one way trip as the three of us are departing on different dates. Haha.  I can only say, early bird catches the worm first. We bought our tickets on 19th March and our …