Key Innovations Unveiled at LG InnoFest Asia 2016!‏


LG InnoFest Asia is happening now at Seoul, Korea from 16 February 2016. Let’s catch a glimpse of it here with the key innovations! 

LG SIGNATURE – All New Premium Line-up from LG

LG’s new premium brand lineup consisting of ultra-slim OLED television, washing machine, refrigerator, air purifier and more. Be amazed by new innovations such as refrigerator doors that will automatically open when users approach, and users can peer inside the refrigerator by knocking the door as it turns transparent. 
Simultaneously wash separate loads of white and colored clothes with LG TWIN Wash
The powerful main washing machine handles the bulk of the laundry, while the mini washer can be set to run a different wash cycle. Users no longer need to mix the clothes and worry that that the colored clothes will stain the white one. It will be a quick and effective wash with high pressure nozzles spraying detergent and water particles using TurboWash technology. 
Quick access to LG’s Door-in-Door without having to open the main refrigerator compartment
The Door-in-Door allows user to easily access often-used items like snacks, drink with a simple push of a button. It reduces the escape of cold air by up to 47.3 percent compared to opening the fridge door, 32 percent in energy savings and 25 percent less noise. Food can be kept fresher too with LG’s Hygiene Freshtechnology.
LG robotic vacuum cleaners that can double up as a home security camera
Home-bot Turbo+ is the first robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with augmented reality technology, allowing users to issue instructions by intuitively designating areas that need extra cleaning using the camera of any smartphone. It features the Triple Eye camera sensors which record the surrounding area, including the ceiling to track where it has already cleaned. The Home-Guard feature gives users extra security and peace-of-mind by sending photos of inside the home to a paired smartphone when the Home-bot Turbo+ senses movement.
Cooking gourmet dishes at the comfort of your home with LG’s state-of-the-art microwaves
Food can be cooked evenly using linear power control, resulting in an unbeatable cooking performance with LG’s Smart Inverter technology. It raises power output to an impressive 1,200W, providing faster cook times and ensuring that nutrients are preserved during preparation. The EasyClean antibacterial coating simplifies maintenance and sterilization effort required. 
Dry cleaning at the comfort of your home with LG Styler
The LG Styler is equipped with LG TrueSteam technology that offers an easy, straightforward way to gently sanitize clothes and eliminate unpleasant odors left behind by smoke, food and sweat. It is also equipped with the Moving Hanger and Easy Pants Crease Care feature which remove wrinkles. Users can now save time and money by minimizing the number of trips needed to take their clothes to the dry cleaners.
SmartThinQ Hub additions to the Internet of Things ecosystem
A 3.5-inch color LCD display and connects to a smartphone app to facilitate two way communication with smart appliances and smart sensors at home. Connections can be done via Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth to monitor and control home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and a variety of sensors. It has has the ability to display reminders from personal calendars and stream music from its built-in speaker.
LG SIGNATURE OLED TV: Wow Your Guests with the thinnest TV of just four stacked credit cards
The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV (77 and 65-inch) boast the ultimate in elegant simplicity by eliminating all unnecessary elements that distract from the viewer’s immersive experience. It features the unique Picture-On-Glass design concept, which has an ultra-thin 2.57mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back and forward-facing sound bar speaker system inside the stand itself.
Showing 4K HDR content as it was meant to be seen with LG’s SUPER UHD TVs
The 2016 SUPER UHD TV models include the 86UH9550, the 65UH9500, the 75UH8550, the 65UH8500, and 65UH7700. Compatible with the Dolby Vision HDR format, the TVs can fine-tune the brightness to accurately highlight HDR color calibrations in each scene. The HDR Super technology can make viewers to feel like they are actually in the scene displayed on screen. LG’s ColorPrime Plus creates vivid images with greater depth and realism by magnifying the range of colors that can be displayed on the screen.
Enhancing the home theater viewing experience with rich sound quality and responsive settings from LG Sound Bars
The audio lineup consists of the SH8, SH7 and SH6 sound bars and X-Boom Pro sound systems to liven up parties.  LG’s sound bars have great connectivity potential with Google Cast, which gives users a variety of content options. With just a simple one button setup, the home theatre system that can connect the sound bar to other devices without hassle.
No more prioritizing performance over what’s good for the wallet for fresh, cool air
DUALCOOL is the first appliance of the residential air conditioners and air purifier to feature the innovative LG Dual Inverter Compressor, which reduces energy consumption without sacrificing cooling performance. It has outstanding energy savings, as it consumes up to 70 percent less electricity while simultaneously providing up to 40 percent faster cooling. The air purifier technology also significantly improves air quality in any indoor environment.
Drink only clean, filtered water
With the industry-first Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, LG’s water purifier ensures the optimal hygienic conditions for water storage. The Auto Sterilising Kit also turns regular, potentially unsafe tap water into sterilized potable water. LG’s 2-in-1 Water Solution makes it convenient for users to perform household tasks that call for the use of pure, sterilized water.   
Technologies been advancing and I am always awed by what LG innovations! Look at how easy they made our lives. Definitely, Life's Good. However, good things have to wait. They will be out real soon, not yet but soon. 



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