Sydney Grad Log 1 + SKYDIVE!

Sydney: 5th June - 8th June 2015

To start off, this aussie trip was so impromptu and I am so glad that I made the decision! It all started when my uni mates left Singapore for Melbourne to complete their last semester in uni. I always wanted to go overseas to study too and thought this would be the best chance. I need not be away from home for so long (6 months) and still could get the experience of studying overseas. However, here comes the cons where just for a mere 6 months, the expenses can go all up to 30 k. It is time to abolish the thoughts. Instead, I am here for my graduation trip! yay! 

Air Tickets
Back on track, we were planning to head to Melbourne to look for them. Zann was stalking the air tickets and we got ourselves a really good deal! We bought our tickets from Scoot at only $164 to Sydney. It's a one way trip as the three of us are departing on different dates. Haha. 
I can only say, early bird catches the worm first. We bought our tickets on 19th March and our departing date is on 5th June 2015.

Air Tickets Checked! 

What's next? -

We booked our accommodation through airbnb and everything was so great!

With the discounts and all, we managed to book it for $434 for 3 nights.
We took a roof-terrance room for 3 pax, thou it's a little small but definitely cozy! We stayed at Surry Hills and is about 2 km away from the subway. I realized that aussies love to walk and their bus rides are a lil expensive. We basically brace the chilly weather and slowly stroll back to our apartment. 
Oh oh, our host kept bus cards for us too! Recommended to get the cards if you want to hop around places too! The cabs there are really expensive, our cab cost us $45 from the airport to our apartment for a short 20 minutes ride.

If you guys are interested, check out the listing here.

Overseas SIM Card
So, we said yes to OPTUS. It was recommended by Cheryl and according to her Optus is more worth it than the other tel-cos (Vodafone). It was 10 days of usage with unlimited local calls and 500 mb of data per day for $20.

Day 1: Bourke Street Bakery + Pancakes on the rocks
By the time we touched down and reach our apartment, it's already late noon and there is nothing we can plan for the day already.

We head down to Bourke Street Bakery which is only 5 minutes away from our apartment. Famous for their tarts, oh god, everything we ordered there was really good and that also explains the long queue they had. Although, it is not very accessible (i.e. not super nearby subways), the trip down here will be super worth it.

 with my girls!

Next stop: Cicular Quay

Took some pictures for memory sake with the harbour bridge as our background. It was gorgeous! As if we were there for photo-shoot, Zann even had her tripod ready for the trip too. Also, I failed at my jump shot and had a mini-bruise on my knee. meh. All for the photos. haha.

We had Pancakes on the rocks for dinner! Their pancakes came in many variation and oh well, as usual I picked the chocolate ones. Only if I can appreciate the berries more, I will be able to try them all. We ordered 4 dishes for the 6 of us! (oh, we met our 3 friends there) It was definitely filling. The prices there are comparable to Singapore's. So, don't expect cheap food in Australia but definitely they don't disappoint.


We were so fortunate to be able to grace through the beauty of Vivid Sydney Festival.
The world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas is reaching out to creative minds from across the globe, inviting them to share their ideas for Vivid Sydney.

The city was filled with people appreciating the different ideas by talents. It was so crowded that we had a hard time roaming around. Thanks to the chilly weather and the friendly locals, everything was so organized and pleasant.

In such a festival, they had night food market too! Being so Singaporean, we got hotdogs to share  though we are still full from our pancakes. No regrets cuz it was so good!

Last stop: K Mart
K Mart is similar to our local Giant where everything is so cheap! We got ourselves some goodies and we are settling for an early night for skydiving tomorrow. *Excited*
That's it for Day 1! :>

Day 2: Skydiving + Paddington Market

We booked our slots in advance in Singapore here.
To avoid disappoints, it will be best if you can book them in advance!
The whole skydiving cost us about S$450. If you were to ask me is it worth the ride? hellya, it does!
The adrenaline rush and satisfaction you can never get it elsewhere.

Now to the million-dollar question, will I skydive again?
I would, in a different city. The skydiving at Sydney was more to the greener landscape.
Perhaps the next jump will be at New Zealand. hmmm.

Then again, it is highly dangerous sport. So, do it only when you are prepared and ready.

Here we go!


We got back to the city at noon and we were famished.
On the way back to our apartment, we dropped by a restaurant to fill our tummies.

Trinity Bar

Next Stop : Paddington Market 

395 Oxford Street, Paddington,
Sydney, Australia.

Market Trading Hours:
Saturday 10 am to 4pm

Started as a market to encourage local fashion designers, craftspeople, jewellery makers and artists, the market has over 150 unique stalls filled with creative fashion and accessories, beautiful smelling soaps and candles and pictures that inspire.

Oh oh, out of curiosity, we decided to try our tarot reading too.
I was the last and was quite doubtful if I should go or not. I don't want the reading to affect me and the thoughts of it just make me scared? Till the end, I went and it wasn't as accurate as I thought it would be. haha.

We roam around and make our way to the city area again!
The sunset was gorgeous, no editing at all here. In fact, the entire post consists only #rawimages. hehe.
 Just had to post this picture of Zann. haha.

What happens if there's a road block. Oh well, we resumed our mini photoshoot there.

The weather was so chilly at night, we almost froze when we are on our way back to our apartment. It was about 11-12 degrees at night and brave kids like us just want to still look fashionable in our summer clothings while the rest are in coats. This little cold won't kill us as we were bearing the heat in Singapore. haha. 

Next Stop: Harbourside Shopping Centre
We stroll to harbourside shopping centre cuz we had nothing better to do. haha.
The mall was huge and there's many shopping to do so in here.
We had dinner and slowly make our way back to our apartment.

Last Stop: Chinatown

Before turning in to our apartment, we decided to give Chinatown a visit.
Everything there was in chinese, like duh. haha.

Bringing back our childhood memories, we took some neoprints for memory sake.
& that's the end of day 2~

I realised that the post is getting way too long so I decided to split it up to two separate posts for Sydney before moving on with my Melbourne journey.

See you next time!


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