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LG Revolutionises with Transparent Cooler!


LG has just launched its latest LG Transparent Cooler - something that will change the way people advertise in retail stores, and at the same time save resources significantly. Gone will be the days of decals on glass doors as the transparent cooler includes the digital signage - a see-through, transparent display that will replace a conventional glass door. 

When viewed from far, it allows users to see the promotional content on the digital display. Advertisements in retail can be as exciting as moving animations from coolers in supermarkets to vending machines at malls.The customers like us are able to see the array of products when closer to the glass door as the display turns transparent. 
Also, with the In-plane Switching (IPS) technology, it displays each pixel’s colour closest to the original image for the highest accuracy, reproducing natural colour without distortion at a wide viewing angle, so we can view the screen at virtually any angle. With this cool new technolog…