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Nunsongyee Bingsu! Simply melt in your mouth !

Hooray to the holidays!
December is definitely the time of the year that everyone looks forward to, especially as it is a month filled with amazing discounts and promotions with our favorite stores doling out sweeter than sweet deals to amplify the charm and allure of the festive season!
I’m sure everyone has heard of Nunsongyee, the Bingsu dessert destination that pioneered the whole Korean dessert hype here in Singapore a few years ago. Famed for their diverse range of authentic Korean Bingsu treats, they have since expanded to 5 outlets island wide, with outlets in the heartlands that makes it a whole lot easier for us all to get our very much needed Bingsu fix!
This December, Nunsongyee gives us yet again another fantastic reason (amongst other many reasons) to patronize its various stores! Cue the arrivals of Outlet Exclusive Bingsus! Leaving their chefs in full charge, each Outlet have been tasked to create a NEW, singular Bingsu flavor that they believe best represents themselves …

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink Review

Is looking younger than your age something that you desire?
Time is liken to a thief, slowly and quietly stealing our youth away, leaving behind signs of aging on your face. Wouldn’t it be good if you can turn back time and lock up your youth so that you can look younger than your biological age? 

Think no further,AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink can grant you your wish in just one bottle of goodness!

I love to drink them chilled! Especially before bed or at the start of the day. Just like our skincare products, it aint one or two bottles that can show visible results after. However, think of it this way. The lightly sparkling effect of the drink makes it nicer to drink and what's more with a tint of fruity taste, it is so much better then other beauty drinks!

Retail selling at $69.90 for a box of 10.

Exclusive for all readers, you can get 20% OFF when entering code TSS-20OFF at checkout.
Only for purchase online at…